Course 7: Global Mindset

Welcome & Networking, Good Scientific Practice & Research Integrity04.12.2024 10:00 - 18:00 (Wed)TUM Graduate School
Course 7: Global Mindset05.12.2024 09:00 - 17:00 (Thu)Michelle Eberhard
Course 7: Global Mindset06.12.2024 09:00 - 16:00 (Fri)Michelle Eberhard
intercultural team work, unconscious biases, communication and conflict management, collaboration-tools, self-reflection, culture-dimensions
Course Description: 

Cross-cultural collaboration in international and heterogenous teams has become a crucial everyday part of scientific working environments. Understanding the keys of successful collaboration is important for each academic career path. The aim of this workshop is to prepare participants for effective teamwork from an intercultural and diverse perspective in academia. Whether you work “abroad” or at “home”, whether “international” or “local” - get fit for working in international teams, to create more effective and rewarding collaborations and achieve better results.

Course aims: 
  • Engage individually with your own cultural backgrounds and their impact on intercultural collaboration (culture is not nation)
  • Develop strategies for self-experienced difficult situations in international teams
  • Unconscious bias & perception in an intercultural context: How do we make ourselves aware of patterns of perception and interpretation?
  • Cultural dimensions: How can cultures be considered systematically, independent of national cultures? How can this be used for orientation in intercultural situations?
  • Conflict management & communication: How can we recognize misunderstandings and deal with them? What strategies are there for constructive conflict resolution?
  • Have the basics to feel more secure when intercultural situations occur
  • Develop strategies for self-experienced difficult situations in international teams
Teaching methods: 

scientific input, science-based models, discussions, group work, working on case studies, self-reflection, short lectures and numerous exercises with a strong focus on the relevance for your professional and daily life

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Michelle Eberhard

My name is Michelle Eberhard, I am an intercultural trainer, organizational anthropologist, and social entrepreneur and managing partner of Working Between Cultures. As a trainer, I have several years of experience in online and face-to-face trainings and work on the topics of culture(s), intercultural communication & sensitization, communication and conflicts, change of perspective, feedback culture, diversity and cooperation in diverse teams. Furthermore, I accompany organizational development processes of companies and institutions, with a focus on corporate culture (e.g. development of a welcoming culture, intercultural onboarding).
Through my studies in social and cultural anthropology I internalized that the way people think and act is significantly influenced by their socialization and cultural imprint and that everything people do makes sense to them in their specific context, even if it might seem irritating to one personally. Meeting human behavior with open curiosity and looking at the surrounding factors/influences is one of my core values and manifests itself as an understanding, non-judgmental approach in my way of dealing with individuals and groups in both private and professional contexts.
The training is designed according to the anti-bias approach and structured in a participatory, participant- and transfer-oriented way.