Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Terms of Use

Notes on submitting the application

The users undertake to enter all personal information truthfully.

From the submitted information, an application form for being added to the doctoral list of the TUM will be generated. To complete the application, it is necessary that the .pdf-file is printed, signed by both the applicant and the supervisor and submitted to the responsible deanery or the institution leading doctoral education. Enclosed with the application to be added to the doctoral list has to be a completed and signed supervision agreement. The forms for each graduate center are available from their respective websites:

Graduate Centers

Consent to electronic communication

The entire process of being added to the doctoral list is conducted electronically through our Internet platform and all correspondence is done by e-mail. During the application process, the applicant undertakes to check his/her account as well as e-mail on a regular basis.

TUM-GS membership

In accordance with the doctoral regulations, being added to the doctoral list automatically implies a membership of the TUM-GS. For the rights and obligations of members of the TUM-GS, please refer to the statutory regulations of September 1.

Regulations for the Award of Doctoral Degrees & Statutory Regulations

The membership of the TUM-GS is confirmed by annually updating your personal information. Once per year, all members are prompted by e-mail to update their profile. If this update does not occur, the membership is terminated. In accordance with the doctoral regulations, a two-year membership is the mandatory minimum for all doctoral candidates.

Privacy Policy

The Technische Universität München is very concerned with protecting personal information. We process personal information that is collected when visiting our website in accordance with the legal provisions on data collection, particularly those of the Bavarian State Law for Data Protection and Privacy (Bayerisches Datenschutzgesetz (BayDSG) and the German Telemedia Act (Telemediengesetz (TMG). When logging on to the Doctoral Candidate Management System, personal information is collected for administration purposes.

The following informs you on how, to what extent and for what purpose we collect and process personal information.


The Doctoral Candidate Management System is operated by the Technische Universität München. Every time pages on our website are accessed, the servers temporarily save the following information in log files:

  • IP address of accessing computer
  • Date and time of access
  • Name, URL and amount of data transmitted
  • Access report (requested file transferred, not found etc.)
  • Type of browser and operating system (if transmitted by the accessing browser)
  • Website from which our site was accessed (if transmitted by the accessing browser)

Processing the information in this log file happens as follows:

  • The log entries are automatically analyzed in real time to detect attacks and take the appropriate action.
  • In special cases, i.e. in case of reported malfunctions, errors and security breaches, the database will be analyzed in person.
  • The LRZ or the IT center of the Technische Universität München will not link IP addresses contained in the log entries to other records, making it impossible to trace them back to specific persons.


When visiting our website, the browser saves so-called session cookies to your computer. Cookies are small text-only files that serve to make our services more user-friendly and efficient. Cookies do not damage your computer and also do not contain viruses. Cookies will be deleted after closing your browsing session. You can disable the function for saving cookies in the settings of your browser.

Please be advised that disabling the saving of cookies imposes no limitations on 'guest' users.

Processing and sharing of personal information

The registration platform collects personal information. This information is stored for internal purposes from processing applications to become a doctoral candidate to the oral examination, and for in-house statistics and reports. Information on the qualifying degree and the funding of the doctorate are anonymously shared with the Bavarian State Office for Statistics and Data Processing.

The following information is collected for the purposes of administration:

  • Registration information (last name, first name, e-mail address, password)
  • Reference information (date of birth, place of birth, nationality, preferred language for correspondence)
  • contact details (e-mail address, mailing address, phone number)
  • details about the doctorate project
  • Information on the qualifying degree
  • Information on funding for the doctorate (to establish the eligibility for benefits from the TUM-GS)

The following information is collected for the purposes of statistics and to improve the doctoral program:

  • Number and ages of children.

Enquiry and amendment

You may, in writing and free of charge, enquire about the personal information about you that has been stored. You also have the right to have false information amended, blocked and deleted. Deleting or blocking information from our system is only possible during the sign up process (before being added to the doctoral list) or following a request by the user to be taken off the doctoral list. The user must submit this request in writing.