Why can't I log in to DocGS or why do I have to have a new password sent to me every time I log in?

When logging into DocGS, it is required that you enter your username correctly. Please do not enter your email address when logging in unless you have chosen your email address as your username. You can find your username in DocGS on the right side navigation next to "Welcome".

If you have forgotten your password, please click on "Request New Password". If you have forgotten or cannot find your username, please contact docgs@gs.tum.de.


I cannot create an application for the doctoral candidacy list in DocGS - what is wrong?

In this case the application form has already been opened once - so please click on "My Progress" in the right side navigation, this will take you to the overview of your progress tree. Please click on the tree Entry into Doctoral Candidacy List by using the + symbol. You get to the application form by clicking on Bewerbung.

Here you can enter your details about the doctoral project, your supervisor, the doctoral supervising institution, etc. The application process can be interrupted. Once you have "saved" your details and left the session, you can return to your application form via My progress.


I made a mistake in my application for entry in the doctoral list - what to do?

Once you have submitted your application for the doctoral candidacy list, you can no longer correct errors.

Therefore, if you have made e.g. a wrong doctoral degree, a wrong graduate center or other incorrect entries in your application, please send us an e-mail to docgs@gs.tum.de with a note what should be corrected in your application.


Where can I find my confirmation of entry into the doctoral candidacy list?

Please click on My Progress in your DocGS account. Then please click on the progress tree "Entry into Doctoral Candidacy Listt". On the next page you can find your progress tree(s). Please click on the tree Entry into Doctoral Candidacy List by using the + symbol. You can download your confirmation under the section documents - filename Zusage Promotionsliste.


Can I also enroll at TUM via DocGS?

Enrollment at TUM is not possible in DocGS, but only in TUMonline. However, in order to be able to enroll as a doctoral student, it is necessary that you have been successfully registered in the TUM doctoral list. The registration in the doctoral list is done via DocGS.

Further information on enrollment for doctoral students can be found here.


When and how often do I have to update/confirm my data in DocGS?

The data confirmation in DocGS takes place once a year (from September 1 to October 13). At the beginning of the data update, each doctoral candidat receives an email with detailed instructions. Therefore, please make sure that your e-mail address stored in DocGS is always up-to-date.


I have stopped my doctorate at TUM - how can I officially deregister from the doctoral list?

To officially withdraw from the TUM doctoral list, we need a signed withdrawal form from you. Please contact the School Office of your doctoral institution, where you will receive the withdrawal form.


Contacts in the office of doctoral affairs (only relevant when submitting your thesis):

Ute Stinzel
Phone: +49 89 289 22248
TUM School of Computation, Information and Technology; TUM School of Life Sciences; TUM School of Natural Sciences

Christa Reisenauer
Phone: +49 89 289 25139
TUM School of Medicine and Health; TUM School of Management

Alexander Seboka
TUM School of Engineering and Design; TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology; TUM Campus Straubing