Scientific Paper Writing (Advanced)

Scientific Paper Writing (Advanced)27.06.2024 09:00 - 17:00 (Thu)TUM Graduate School: Boltzmannstraße 17, 85748 Garching bei München, Raum 101Dr. Aniko Balazs
Scientific Paper Writing (Advanced)28.06.2024 09:00 - 17:00 (Fri)TUM Graduate School: Boltzmannstraße 17, 85748 Garching bei München, Raum 101Dr. Aniko Balazs
Creativity and scientific communication; scientific storytelling; publication workflow; review process; interdisciplinary writing; stylish scientific writing
Course Description: 

Participants will get insight into:

  • The norms and requirements of scientific journal editors;
  • The role of strategic communication with editors and reviewers;
  • The gains from reviewing literature;
  • Questions of self-organization and self-review as part of the writing process.
  • The use of Large Language Models as writing assistants, such as DeepL, ChatGPT and Bard in scholarly writing.
Course aims: 

This workshop opens young scientists a deepened view into optimized text production in English from the standpoint of editors and reviewers, weaving together strands from various disciplines including linguistics, rhetoric and dramatic theory. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Implement rhetorical devices to emphasize the scientific validity of their contents
  • Increase their writing productivity by using techniques that match their strengths
  • Practice peer review to use metacognitive knowledge in their own writing
  • Trim their narrative to express ideas concisely without loss of precision
  • Deliver pitch-perfect scientific papers for publication
Teaching methods: 

Customized contents will be explored by the participants through text analysis on different levels and simulations of the review process in group work. Trainer input will channel discussions to allow participants reap long-term personal benefit from the outcomes. Self-reflection of participants will be rounded off by a one-on-one consultation with the trainer.

This course fits doctoral candidates in the following phase: 

During their doctorate │ towards the end of their doctorate

Participation requirements: 

Active participation in all phases of the course from preparation to follow-up

Technical requirements: 


Course preparation: 

Prior to the course, participants will be contacted by the trainer to answer preparatory questions, do some lead-in reading, and send a writing sample for diagnostic purposes.

Additional information: 

Additionally, an individual remote consultation hour to be scheduled on mutual agreement 2 – 3 months after workshop sessions.

What participants say about this course: 
  • I liked Dr. Balazs's teaching method as well as the atmosphere and the individual feedback.
  • The topic is very important for a doctoral candidate. I really liked the feedback on the writings and that we got a lot of information and hints about scientific writing.
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Graduate School Geschäftsstelle
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Financial contribution: 
40 Euro
Dr. Aniko Balazs

Dr. phil. Aniko Balazs is an independent writing consultant with extensive experience in facilitating academic writing and communication. Her professional background has predisposed her to building bridges between cultures and languages, as well as between representatives of different disciplines. She had studied language pedagogy and earned her doctorate in comparative sociolinguistics. For over twenty years, she has worked as a translator and interpreter in different fields of medicine and information technology. Since the establishment of the TUM Graduate School in 2009, she has been teaching generations of doctoral candidates in in-house writing courses and kick-off seminars. As a freelance trainer, she runs workshops and courses on scientific and technical writing for universities, research centers, graduate schools and industry partners. Moreover, she offers personal editing consultations and helps as a writing coach.