Be a strong and authentic female leader

Be a strong and authentic female leader12.03.2024 10:00 - 13:00 (Tue)onlineDoris Schönbeck
empowerment, human-centered leadership, female networks
Course Description: 

We empower women to become leaders and drive positive change towards a more sustainable future. In this training, we aim to equip you with exactly what it takes to grow as a strong and authentic leader and become aware and confident in your own ability to inspire action both in yourself and in others.

Course aims: 
  • enhance your self-reflective capability and build resilience and self-efficacy
  • grow your entrepreneurial mindset and learn effective tools for self-empowerment as leader
  • develop human-centered approaches to problem solving and innovation
  • grow your network of aspiring women leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers
Teaching methods: 

Google Slides Presentation, group work/discussion, individual reflection, via Leadership Canvas work on Miro board.

This course fits doctoral candidates in the following phase: 

At the beginning of the doctorate | during the doctorate | at the end of the doctorate

Participation requirements: 

Exclusively for women. This training is open to all female doctoral candidates interested in the topic of humanistic leadership from all educational and professional backgrounds. 

Technical requirements: 

Laptop/tablet with stable internet connection, microphone, webcam, Zoom (in most cases).

Course preparation: 

To ensure time for interactivity during the workshop, all participants have to prepare online course material in advance. The tasks will be sent 3-5 days beforehand, preparation time is about 45 min.

Additional information: 


What participants say about this course: 
  • Excellent discussion about several topics! I enjoyed the methodology too.
  • The course has much useful information, it was very nice and interesting to do group discussions with other participants.
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Graduate School Geschäftsstelle
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Unternehmer TUM
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Financial contribution: 
15 Euro
Doris Schönbeck

Doris Schönbeck is currently team & leadership development trainer & coach at XPLORE and Women Start-up!, UnternehmerTUM GmbH. Entrepreneurship educator, trainer, and coach for more than 15 years; start-up co-founder, business & team coach, manageress, and sharpen of diverse entrepreneurship education programs at UnternehmerTUM. Find more on LinkedIn