All Women - Drive your life!

All Women - Drive your life!28.11.2023 10:00 - 13:00 (Tue)onlineDoris Schönbeck
Entrepreneurial Mindset & Career Perspectives, Female Empowerment, Gaining Self-awareness and Self-confidence
Course Description: 

Looking for skill development, networking opportunities and empowerment strategies? Join us for this exciting online training and develop an entrepreneurial mindset that keeps you grounded and connected to your values even when things are tough. If there is one thing you are certain to learn from it is this: The future is yours to create - be entrepreneurial!

Shout out to all aspiring women out there: It is your time to rise and shine! Hack your mind and tap into your superpowers to create a lasting impact in your work, your life, and in the world. In our hands-on and interactive approach you will get familiar with agile tools and methods and learn from revolutionary female role models. 

Course aims: 
  • Enhance your skills: strengthen your personal skills by practicing entrepreneurial methods & tools
  • Grow your network and drive career options: getting access to female networks, further programs and career opportunities
  • Reflect yourself & get daily life support: learning from revolutionary role models, getting “empowerment hacks” and familiar with agile tools
Teaching methods: 

Individualized Learning, Hands-on activities, Interactive group work and discussions, Peer Learning, Rolemodels, Agile Tools

This course fits doctoral candidates in the following phase: 

Zu Beginn der Promotion | Während der Promotion | Am Ende der Promotion 

Participation requirements: 

Exclusively for women. This course fits for you, if you are looking for personal development, practical tips, new insights and options for your life and career generally.

Technical requirements: 

Laptop/tablet with stable internet connection, microphone, webcam, Zoom (in most cases).

Course preparation: 

To ensure time for interactivity during the workshop, all participants have to prepare online course material in advance. Therefore, we will provide an online visualization tool. The tasks will be sent 3 days beforehand, preparation time is about 45 min.

Additional information: 

If you are looking for leadership development (being a strong and authentic female leader, discovering your personal leadership approach), then please register for our training “Be a strong & authentic female leader” in March 2024.

What participants say about this course: 
  • Ich konnte sehr viel für mich mitnehmen – wirklich super gemacht.
  • I found it really interesting and helpful for our future perspectives.
  • Really good structure, interactive and modern tools.
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Graduate School Geschäftsstelle
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Unternehmer TUM
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Financial contribution: 
15 Euro
Doris Schönbeck

Doris Schönbeck is currently team & leadership development trainer & coach at XPLORE and Women Start-up!, UnternehmerTUM GmbH. Entrepreneurship educator, trainer, and coach for more than 15 years; start-up co-founder, business & team coach, manageress, and sharpen of diverse entrepreneurship education programs at UnternehmerTUM. Find more on LINKEDIN