Fit for Leadership?!

Fit for Leadership?!07.12.2023 09:00 - 17:00 (Thu)TUM Graduate School: Boltzmannstraße 17, 85748 Garching bei München, Raum 101Monika Maria Thiel
Fit for Leadership?!08.12.2023 09:00 - 17:00 (Fri)TUM Graduate School: Boltzmannstraße 17, 85748 Garching bei München, Raum 101Monika Maria Thiel
Leadership tasks and instruments, Leadership models (transformational, transactional, situational and agile leadership), “The golden circle“, Gains and losses coming with a leadership position, Planning and prioritizing own and the team’s tasks
Course Description: 

Are you thinking about pursuing a leadership role? Did you know that your leadership style and the quality of team communication have a huge impact on motivation and performance? That team dynamics can either become an obstacle or lead to a success story. Performance and results depend on the quality of teamwork, on established communication and cooperation structures and on effective task management. And last but not least on your leadership qualities and ability to integrate and get every team member aboard. 

In this workshop you will reflect on your own role, attitude and strengths and learn how to implement effective tools right from the beginning in order to save you from common pitfalls. The work-shop provides you with relevant leadership models and instruments to be considered. You will get to know basic aspects of team dynamics and useful meeting structures, also for hybrid teams. 

Task management activities will be complimented by useful tools for leading yourself. Furthermore, we will discuss elements of motivating leadership and how to build trust and encourage teams towards the realization of goals. These new-found leadership skills will help you motivate and inspire a team, leverage teamwork i.e., initiate and maintain a positive team spirit and successful collaboration.

Course aims: 
  • Get to know relevant leadership models and their impact on team collaboration
  • Understand key competences such as leadership attitude and self-leadership
  • Reflect on useful elements of leadership communication and building trust
Teaching methods: 

Trainer input, individual self-reflection exercises, group exercises, case studies, plenum discussions, video clips, feedback

This course fits doctoral candidates in the following phase: 

At the end of the doctorate

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Additional information: 

The course may help you to find out whether a career in leadership is what you wish to pursue.

What participants say about this course: 
  • Good introduction to the topic.
  • I appreciate the stimulation impulses given at hand for my future development.
  • It was a very nice course and I learned a lot!
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40 Euro
Monika Maria Thiel

Monika Maria Thiel studied Theology before going on to gain an MA in Occupational and Organizational Psychology, Psycholinguistics and Intercultural Communication as well as additional qualifications in the fields of Commercial Mediation, Collaborative Practice, the Graves Values System and Systemic Supervision and Consulting. She is also a certified trainer and speech therapist. Before founding her own company Creative Dialogue, she managed an adult education institution in the medical-therapeutic sector and spent 15 years as an editor for the Springer publishing house in Heidelberg. She has gained international experience in Luxembourg, France, the UK, Bolivia, the USA, Israel and Palestine. As a consultant, coach, trainer, facilitator and mediator, Monika Maria empowers individuals, (international) teams and organizations engaged in change processes to develop their values, to unlock their full potential, to constructively resolve conflicts, to manage changes creatively and productively and, ultimately, to achieve their goals. She also lectures at a number of universities both in Germany and abroad. She lives in Munich.