Coaching Skills for Academic Leaders

Coaching Skills for Academic Leaders13.11.2023 09:00 - 17:00 (Mon)onlineDr. Thomas Teichler
Coaching Skills for Academic Leaders14.11.2023 09:00 - 17:00 (Tue)onlineDr. Thomas Teichler
Coaching as a leadership style, supervision, leadership, leadership styles
Course Description: 

Researchers often find themselves in a sandwich position, a situation marked by conflicting demands from their superiors, on the one side, and from their colleagues and students, from the other. They may be required to contribute to and lead research projects, and to delegate effectively, yet at the same time to support the development of their colleagues and students. In the work with students, for example, some young researchers might find it challenging not to answer all questions and to solve the problems themselves, rather than inspiring and empowering students, giving them responsibility, and holding them accountable. Coaching offers a proven way of communication and an effective form of co-creating solutions, with colleagues and students.

In this workshop, future academic leaders and research managers will get into the coaching mindset, learn about and practice applying coaching tools. They will leave the workshop ready to have coaching conversations with colleagues and employees. The skill can usefully be applied also for the guidance of master and bachelor students.

Course aims: 
  • To get to know the theoretical basis of coaching in the leadership- and management discourse and to conceptually place coaching as one of six leadership styles
  • To get to know and practice eight key coaching skills that will transform and enhance the way they communicate in general and especially with their peers and students
  • To learn how to motivate and empower colleagues and students and to practice coaching and receive personal feedback from workshop leaders
Teaching methods: 

The methods used in the workshop are highly interactive and participant driven. They combine personal work, experiential learning exercises, dialogue, facilitated work in groups of varying size, co-creation, and reflection. 

We create a uniquely open and trustful atmosphere in our workshops, where participants are encouraged to openly share their experiences, to learn from each other, and to support each other in a benevolent manner.

Learning proceeds on three levels: (1) We provide a theoretical overview. (2) Participants go through powerful experiences in individual and group exercises, which are discussed and debriefed together in a safe environment. (3) Finally, by reflecting together, participants draw lessons from the interaction process in the class, increasing self-awareness and learning about good practices. Participants are encouraged to bring and share their own knowledge and experience. At the begininig of the workshop, we create a trustful and supportive atmosphere, in which participants will feel safe and comfortable to contribute what they already know about the subject. At the end of the workshop, participants will design individual work plans to implement what they have learned and to keep developing their skills in the time after the event.

This course fits doctoral candidates in the following phase: 

During the doctorate | at the end of the doctorate

Participation requirements: 

To participate in this course, it is not necessary to lead an own team, as coaching skills can be equally applied for the guidance of master or bachelor students, as well as for the collaboration with peers and colleagues. In fact, it will help to lead all kinds of relationships more effectively.

Technical requirements: 

Laptop/tablet with stable internet connection, microphone, webcam, Zoom (in most cases).

Course preparation: 


Additional information: 


What participants say about this course: 
  • There was a trusting atmosphere in the course. I liked the creativeness and practical experience with the learned skills.
  • The atmosphere in class was amazing, and it was quite an emotional rollercoaster. We learnt a lot about what coaching style of leadership is, and got to experience it from both sides: being a coach, and being coached.
  • This course was the first online format, where I felt group dynamic and even got to know some group members. The content was a good reminder of which techniques not to forget in daily conversations and interactions.
  • Top trainer, trustful atmosphere, great group, variety of different group activities and discussion, trainer was very engaged in involving all participants and super interested in our questions and learning outcome.
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40 Euro
Dr. Thomas Teichler

Dr. Thomas Teichler is a certified Co-active coach, trainer and consultant working on leadership, team development, communication & change management. After a few years with Roland Berger Strategy Consultants in Munich he worked in market research, before writing a PhD about science cooperation in the high-tech and security sector at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. As a policy consultant, Thomas worked for the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research in the UK and for Technopolis Group in Germany. He advised the European Commission, national governments and international organizations on research and innovation policy. Thomas holds degrees in business administration, philosophy and attended the CTI coaching and leadership courses. He is currently working with teams and individuals in the corporate environment, public sector and research organizations.