Module 2, Course 2: Evidence Based Problem Solving Strategies (July 7- 8, 2022)

Module 2, Course 2: Evidence Based Problem Solving Strategies (July 7-8, 2022)07.07.2022 09:00 - 17:00 (Do)Guido Ellert
Module 2, Course 2: Evidence Based Problem Solving Strategies (July 7-8, 2022)08.07.2022 09:00 - 17:00 (Fr)Guido Ellert

Introduction to the course topics:

In today's business and research environment, organizations have identified critical thinking and psychological bias, for problem-solving skills as skills that are essential to the success of employees and their organizations. The most successful professionals can assess the environment, adequately analyze a situation, design high-quality solutions, and ultimately win in a competitive scenario. This course demystifies, discusses, and provides applicable techniques for solving problems individually and in teams. The course guides you through an experimental problem-solving environment, offering fun and often playful indoor and outdoor problem-solving scenarios, which were developed and tested in many assessment centers or in-house trainings. You will reflect on your experiences intensively, and link your own lessons learned with your individual psychological personality profile as well as results based on other high-performer team measurement tools.

Course aims:

As part of this seminar, you will learn

  • what is meant by the value creation configuration of problem-solving processes
  • what implications come with the fact that there are more than 100 problem-solving processes that we can potentially use and apply
  • how to identify and evaluate a critical need and develop a tailor-made solution
  • how to identify your psychological personality preferences and the best communication style to maximize your value in high-performer teams
  • how to apply adaptive problem solving
  • how to cooperate in teams even when facing obstacles and challenges
  • how to use the analysis of errors and mistakes to improve future performance
  • how to analyze failure to improve future performance in problem-solving.

Information about the trainer:

Prof. Dr. Guido Ellert has a background in media and communication and received his doctoral degree from TUM. He worked as a vice director for the AUDI Research Institute, as a consultant for several companies and as journalist. Since 2007 he is a professor for management and leads the Media School at the Macromedia University for Media and Communication and since 2016 he is additionally professor for business psychology at a business school. His main research interests are customer insights, media platforms, management bias in complex systems, high performance teams, Digital Transformation in organizations as well as higher education strategies.

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