Course 4: Develop Your Entrepreneurial Thinking

Welcome & Networking, Good Scientific Practice & Research Integrity20.03.2024 10:00 - 13:00 (Mi)OnlineTUM Graduate School
Course 4: Develop Your Entrepreneurial Thinking21.03.2024 09:00 - 13:00 (Do)OnlineProf. Amy Zhao-Ding
Course 4: Develop Your Entrepreneurial Thinking22.03.2024 09:00 - 13:00 (Fr)OnlineProf. Amy Zhao-Ding
Course 4: Develop Your Entrepreneurial Thinking25.03.2024 09:00 - 13:00 (Mo)OnlineProf. Amy Zhao-Ding
Entrepreneurship, new ventures, opportunity identification, opportunity exploitation, entrepreneurial thinking.
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This workshop provides an introduction to entrepreneurial thinking. We ground the workshop in the strong belief that the capabilities of entrepreneurship will be critical to every scientist’s or manager’s future career, whether he or she chooses to create a standalone new venture, becomes a member of the corporate world, or wants to excel in academia. The workshop is intended to provide doctoral candidates with an experience of thinking and behaving in the typical manner of successful entrepreneurs. The workshop will explore and examine the core features of entrepreneurship. The central part will be the identification and exploitation of new opportunities to create and capture value. We will also connect such endeavors to your personal motivations and goals.

  • Having completed the workshop, participants should be able to recognize the fundamental features of the entrepreneurial mindset, behaviors, and skills.
  • Participants will understand the central role of teamwork and how to manage it while identifying and developing entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Like real-life entrepreneurship, this workshop will be action-oriented and hands-on. Participants should be willing to share ideas, experiences, and ambitions.

Input sessions by the instructors and based on podcasts featuring highly successful entrepreneurs, interactive elements, group discussions, and group presentations


Please check the booking conditions for the Online Kick-Off Seminar! This date is reserved for doctoral candidates who are unable to participate on-site in Raitenhaslach. Once the information you indicate in the registration form has been checked, we will decide whether you comply with the requirements or not. We will then send you a final confirmation about your registration status.

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Laptop/tablet with stable internet connection, microphone, webcam, Zoom (in most cases).

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Prof. Amy Zhao-Ding

Professor Amy Zhao-Ding‘s research focuses on firm’s cognition and behaviour in nascent markets and fields where game-changing technologies have enabled a wide range of entrepreneurial opportunities. She studies mobile application developers and examine how to learn from their own and others' experiences as well as customers' feedback to identify opportunities and navigate nascent markets as an uncertain and evolving functionality landscape. Broadly, Prof. Zhao-Ding is interested in approaching teaching and research in entrepreneurship with a lens of organization theory, particularly in digital and cultural industries.