Course 5: Communicating in Teams

Welcome & Networking, Good Scientific Practice & Research Integrity15.11.2023 10:00 - 18:00 (Mi)TUM Graduate School
Course 5: Communicating in Teams and Difficult Situations16.11.2023 09:00 - 18:00 (Do)Monika Thiel
Course 5: Communicating in Teams and Difficult Situations17.11.2023 09:00 - 15:00 (Fr)Monika Thiel
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Keywords: Basic communication theories and principles, Clear communication based on clear goals, Authenticity and congruent expression, Co-creating meaning and understanding, The art of listening: active listening, looping and reframing, listen with empathy, Dialogue structure and meeting structure, I-Messages, constructive feedback and sandwich technique,
Mastering communication in the broad field of diversity, The art of saying “No", Solution-oriented questions, Adjusting the communication style to the situation

Introduction to the course topics:

Beschreiben Sie hier den Kurs in einigen wenigen Sätzen. / Please describe the course in a few sentences.
Did you know that your communication skills have a huge impact on your success and wellbeing at work? Interpersonal dynamics can either boost motivation and performance or - if it does not run well - consume a lot of your energy.

This workshop links communication theory to practical exercises in an interactive manner. This way you will get new insights into your own communication patterns. Furthermore, you will gain appreciation of the value of other communication styles. Learning how to apply useful techniques will save you from common pitfalls.

We will focus on achieving a goal-oriented, clear communication with a reasonable dialogue structure. Furthermore we will look at different levels of expression to ensure authentic and convincing conversations.
You will explore powerful communication tools such as creating common ground or clarifying misunderstandings through the art of listening, solving difficult situations with solution-oriented questions and providing and receiving constructive feedback.

Course aims:

  • Acquire knowledge of relevant communication theories
  • Improve communication skills on different levels
  • Reflect on own communication patterns
  • Improve listening skills
  • Solve difficult situations with questioning and feedback techniques

Teaching Methods:

Trainer input, group exercises, demonstrations, role-play activities, examples, feedback, etc. Each participant is encouraged to explore his/her style and thus expand their individual set of communication skills.

Participation requirements: None.

Technical requirements: None

Literature: Optional: Patterson, Grenny, McMillan, Switzler (2021) Crucial Conversations. 3rd ed. McGraw-Hill, New York.

Other information, notes: None.

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Monika Maria Thiel

Monika Maria studied Theology before going on to gain an MA in Occupational and Organizational Psychology, Psycholinguistics and Intercultural Communication as well as additional qualifications in the fields of Commercial Mediation, Collaborative Practice, the Graves Values System and Systemic Supervision and Consulting. She is also a certified trainer and speech therapist.
Before founding her own company Creative Dialogue she managed an adult education institution in the medical-therapeutic sector and spent 15 years as an editor for the Springer publishing house in Heidelberg. She has gained international experience in Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Switzerland, the UK, Bolivia, the USA, Israel and Palestine.
As a consultant, coach, trainer, facilitator and mediator, Monika Maria empowers individuals, (international) teams and organizations engaged in change processes to develop their values, to unlock their full potential, to constructively resolve conflict, to manage changes creatively and productively and, ultimately, to achieve their goals. She also lectures at a number of universities both in Germany and abroad. She lives in Munich.