Course 2: Getting started in your Doctorate

Welcome & Networking, Good Scientific Practice & Research Integrity18.10.2023 10:00 - 18:00 (Mi)TUM Graduate School
Course 2: Getting started in your Doctorate19.10.2023 09:00 - 18:00 (Do)Dr. Valeska Russo
Course 2: Getting started in your Doctorate20.10.2023 09:00 - 15:00 (Fr)Dr. Valeska Russo
Beschreibung Kursinhalt: 

How to manage a first scientific project

Keywords: Project management in science, motivation, agile thinking, setting priorities, communication within a scientific team, delegation, cooperation, self management

Introduction to the course topics:

In this training, young scientists will learn how a scientific project is planned - using classical and agile methods. They will clarify their motivation to start the scientific project. The students will establish their goals and envision the benefits of their project. They will analyse all potential stakeholders and assess possible risks they may encounter. Furthermore, they will learn to set priorities to manage themselves in an efficient way. At the end of the course they will have a detailed working map for achieving the next milestones.

Course aims:

  • To clarify the visions, goals, and risks of the doctoral project
  • To plan the doctoral project using classical and agile approaches
  • To manage time and tasks efficiently

Teaching Methods:

Teaching input, individual work, group work, agile games, brainwriting, visualisation, change of perspective, role playing.

Participation requirements: None.

Technical requirements: None.

Literature: None.

Other information, notes: None.

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Dr. Valeska Russo

Dr. Valeska Russo is a Trainer, Facilitator and Coach. She has worked as scientist, project manager, quality manager and caterer in many different places. Thus, she loves to bring ideas from one ‘Silo’ to another.
As a Science Coach she supports doctoral candidates during their research project. In different courses tailored to the progress of a dissertation project, she teaches good scientific management techniques, shows strategies to keep motivation up and procrastination down, facilitates exercises to learn clear communication with different stakeholder and provides a fun and inspiring learning experience.
She furthermore offers career counselling in groups or individually for everyone interested to understand the value they provide with their unique set of skills, abilities and interests using i.e. the Business Model You® approach.